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Municipal castings


Ad hoc collection

Completely interchangeable with PAMREX® covers, the grating version withstands the most intensive traffic. Silent thanks to its elastomer ring, the PAMREX® grating is innovative owing to its hinge mechanism, which facilitates opening and allows locking safety. It can be used on an ad hoc basis during sewerage inspections or on a permanent basis to ventilate systems and reduce the risk of hydrogen sulphide formation. Ergonomic and safe, PAMREX® is available in round or square format.

PAMREX® ­ safety­ round
PAMREX® ­ safety­ square
PAMREX® ­ operation­ round
PAMREX® ­ operation­ square


PAMREX ® - gratings
PAMREX ® - gratings
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PAMREX ® - gratings


PAM access covers endurance test (carrousel)
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The absolute reference for durability in intense conditions.
Ad hoc collection is carried out using framed gratings.
Heavy traffic is defined as a high number of vehicles, authorized speed on major urban roads and consistent heavy vehicle traffic.