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Municipal castings


Class D 400

The G-TEX range of manhole covers is designed for the traffic lanes of roads such as those in residential or commercial areas. With its pull-slide opening, handling is easy, safe and involves no rotation. It can be manipulated without using your hands and risking pinching yourself when replacing it. Safe and stable, G-TEX manhole covers automatically lock with a spring bar (guaranteed against theft).

G­TEX - round frame, unventilated
G­TEX - round frame, ventilated


Regard de voirie en fonte D 400 de la gamme G-TEX ®
G-TEX ® - regard D 400
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Regard de voirie en fonte D 400 de la gamme G-TEX ®

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Saint-Gobain PAM designs its manhole covers in response to traffic conditions, offering stability, safety and silence.
Moderate traffic is defined as an inconsistent number of vehicles, stable urban speed and occasional passage of lorries.