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Kerbside collection

Municipal castings

Kerbside collection

Due to the diversity of the situations encountered, specific drainage methods are offered in order to optimize the collection of run-off rain water. Saint-Gobain PAM offers a broad range of efficient products to suit every situation.


An effective solution to network drainage and operating problems
Kerbside Gully covers
Cover plates are designed to equip large manholes installed beneath a pavement.
Gratings - Gully units C250
Gully gratings are suitable for small manholes of a mixed roadway/pavement type of installation.
Other channel gratings & Odor-tight inlets P.A.G
Sanitary gully holes, placed in manholes topped by all types of gratings, act as check valves and prevent odours from rising.
Grating AT - Flat grating with frame C250
Used in addition to a cover plate or a gully grating.
SOLE grating
Facilitate access to networks
Communal grating C250
The COMMUNAL grating is equipped with a sloped frame that automatically ensures a crossways slope, and a bedding flange on three sides.

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